Welcome to The Hendricks School of Irish Dance. At The Hendricks School, we focus on teaching traditional Irish Dancing. We welcome all students, ages three through adult, whether you are looking to dance competitively or simply for the fun and exercise. As a young dancer, Alicia learned many valuable lessons in Irish dancing. Alicia learned poise and self-confidence, she learned to work hard for whatever she wants to achieve, she learned how to win and also how to lose in competition. Alicia traveled extensively and made friends to last a lifetime in Irish dancing. As a teacher, Alicia's primary goal is to instill a love of Irish dance and all that goes with it to her students.

What to Expect

Dancers should wear shorts or leggings and a t-shirt for dance class. It is crucial that the teacher be able to see the dancer's legs. Hair should be pulled back and away from the face for class. Proper Irish dancing shoes should be worn for all classes. Information about ordering proper shoes can be obtained from Alicia. Pre-beginner and beginner dancers can wear black ballet slippers. For their own health and safety, dancers should arrive for class warmed-up and ready to begin dancing. Regular attendance is most important so dancers can keep up with the pace of their class.

What You'll Learn

Pre-Beginner: This class is for 3 and 4 year olds. The focus is on foot position and beginning movement to music.

Beginner: Beginner dancers will focus on foot position and posture. Threes and sevens, which are essential to Irish dance, are taught. Dancers will learn steps in the reel and in the light jig.

Advanced Beginner/Novice: This class will build on the basics taught in the beginner class. Additional steps will be taught in the single jig and the slip jig, and hard shoe dancing will be introduced. The dancers will learn the treble jig and the hornpipe.

Prizewinner: This class level continues to build on the foundation already in place, with the steps in each dance becoming more difficult. In addition to reels, slip jigs, treble jigs, and hornpipes, traditional sets will be introduced.

Preliminary/Open Championship: These two levels of classes are designed for dancers who wish to compete at championship levels. This class level requires multiple classes a per week, and is designed for the dedicated dancer.

Competition Ceili Class: This class is by invitation only. Dancers in this class prepare year round to compete at the Southern Region Oireachtas and the North American Irish Dance Championships. There is a high level of commitment expected of dancers on a Ceili team. Dancers on Ceili teams are expected to attend all scheduled classes. A position on a team one year does not guarantee a position on a team the following year. All age groups for Ceili teams are required to wear a school costume and specific wig.

Traditional Set Class: This class is designed for students who desire to compete in the Southern Region Oireachtas in a traditional set competition. This class is in addition to the regularly scheduled class.

Adult Solo Classes: This class is open to adult ages18 and older. The class will teach the basics of Irish dance, basic steps in the reel, light jig, single jig, slip jig, and will progress to hard shoe as well with the treble jig and hornpipe.

Adult Ceili Classes: This class is open to adult ages 18 and older. The class will teach various ceili dances.